The Content Lifecycle

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The Content Lifecycle

The content lifecycle is the creation, updating and archiving of content. They are important to manage and maintain your content, keeping it fresh and relevant.

There are 7 main stages in the content lifecycle

  1. Create - Content is outlined, authored and accessible in the content management system, currently in a draft status
  2. Edit - The content is evaluated by an editorial team, to maintain quality and brand alignment
  3. Approval - The content is marked as approved for release and is scheduled for publish.
  4. Publish - Content is visible to the consumer of the content
  5. Evaluate - During the active stage, the content can be evaluated as to its effectiveness and modified appropriately
  6. Archive - Content is marked as archived and is no longer visible to the consumer of the content.
  7. Deleted - The content is removed from the content management system. This could be required for legal reasons.

The content lifecycle is important so that quality is maintained and that the content is kept fresh as a year old blog post in prime position on your website isn’t normally a good idea. has built in content lifecycle management through teams. Giving your author and editorial teams permissions to create and approve content, but leaving the publishing to the technical team if they need to prepare for incoming traffic following on from the publishing of the content.

You can go full in with all 7 steps above, or just create and publish in one go, its up to you.