Your Road to Content Management

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Your Road to Content Management

Content management is not simply adding an editor to your text. Depending on your needs, content has a lifecycle that needs to be maintained and managed. Who writes your content? Who authorises it? When does it get archived? Are all questions that you should be asking your self when it comes to managing your content.

A traditional content management system is a great tool for managing content, there are a vast array of different products available to suit all needs, however, what if you’ve built your application already, or if your building an app, you want to focus on your app and not building or integrating a CMS directly.

Whats the business benefit?

Integrating a headless sms, like is a great way to build out your content management toolset giving you great control of what goes out, but also has minimal impact on your development team, meaning you get your app up and running faster than everyone else.

Integrating to simple means including our javascript plugin and marking your content with data attributes to identify them, you can leave your existing content in place and we’ll replace it with your updated content. So minimal time spent adding to your workload. is quick to integrate and get running, mark your content and, if its public we can crawl your site and build your content portfolio automatically giving you a kick start. Hope to see you onboard soon!