Content Structure

Finding your content is essential for you content authors

Your content structure is up to you arranges your content into a folder structure, much like on your desktop computer, and more importantly, like your website.

Keeping your content in folders that match your site strucutre not only makes it easy for your content authors to find the content they need to work on, but also makes requesting your content through the api a doddle. The api allows you to request a single item, or all children in a folder and all subfolders, so when a user enters a section you can pull down the content for that section, or just the page.

This gives your developers flexibility depending on the amount of content you have to download, you can download the entire site content, or just the homepage, and then load the rest of the site once the homepage is loaded, its up to you.

Content Structure and Performance

The structure of your content is important for content editors to be able to find the content they are working on, but also to tune the performance of requesting the content from your website.