You can use tagging to manage differnet versions of your content, for example different languages, or different scenarios.

Tagging lets you choose how to seperate your content versions

headly.io offers a simple solution to keeping your content versioning clean and efficient, tag your content with multiple tags

We go beyond the standard multi-lingual template and give you the ability to seperate your content how you need to, there are many more scenarios that need content versioning, not just by language. Our tagging features let you create different versions of content for languages, but also for specific customers, time of day, or whatever you need.

If you don't have a piece of content for the tags you request, we will find the closest match for you, automatically. That way you will always have some content for your site, even if you haven't added all your variations yet.

Example Tags

Below is an example of some tags you can use

You might not have created specific content for tuesday for your whole site, but we'll return it if you have, and will fall back to spanish,vip_customer for everything else.


Tags let you keep versions of your content that can be requested site wide or folder wide, see our API Guide for more information