Workflow and Teams

Manage your content changes with workflow and teams


Curate your content in a predictable and managed process gives you a number of workflow states that give your team the ability to work with your content and to move it through the editorial process in a predictable and measured way.

Our status model is shown below with explanations of each stage.


Content is being edited, and does not appear on the site, is not available on the api.

Ready for Review

Content is ready for review by the team, it still isn't available on the api yet


Content is published on the site and available for the api to use



We don't restrict your users, create as many as you wish

You can get your team in straight away, we don't restrict the number of users you have because we want you to be able to get working at full capacity - straight away. We create some default teams for you when you setup your account, but you can change these to suit your needs.

Each team can be given access rights to the content. For example, read/write or what state they can see content and publish content.

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