How It Works allows you to control your content with workflows, versioning and tags, make management of your content manageable.

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Content Tagging

Tagging helps you keep different versions of your content

Each piece of content you create can be given tags, which allow you to seperate out different versions of your content, could be by language, client or whatever your use case has the need for.

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Workflow and Team Management

Manage your content workflow and teams to get your content delivered on time

Arranging your team and workflow keeps your content on track with the appropriate quality control. Workflow allows you to work on your content without making the content live till your 100% happy with it.

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Content Structure keeps all your content in a folder structure so its easy to navigate and can be closely related to your sites structure to make it easy for content authors to find the right content

When getting content from the API you can get all children in the one call, giving you as little or as much content as you need

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Restore Your Content

Revert your changes or go back to an earlier version of your content

You can revert to any change in your content at any time, we keep your history of changes and let you revert your content to any previous version seamlessly.

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Content Types

We manage text, rich text with images, links and video content types coming soon.

Each content type we handle has custom features, such as specifying image sizes or video sizes. We even pull the styles from your site and apply them to the view of your rich text content.

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